Mom and Pop-Style Photo Center

Discover Our Humble Beginnings

Vickie Miller Photography in Stanton, KY offers many services to both amateur and professional photographers. Vickie Miller established our photo center in September 1990. She has a wide range of experience and an Associate Degree in Portrait Photography. After managing a large photo lab in Cincinnati's Tri-County Mall for seven years, Vickie wanted to bring her talents to a rapidly growing community that offered a meaningful environment and small-town atmosphere.

Living in the community of Stanton also puts Vickie and her husband, Winston, close to their Eastern Kentucky family ties in Lee, Owsley, and Wolfe counties. Vickie founded her mom and pop-style photo center with one basic principal in mind: maintain big-city business habits with a country-like attitude. We like to think of our photo center as a wheel that has several spokes of service reaching out to our customers. With this portfolio, we offer you a window into our business and the quality services we offer.